The World Robot Contest (WRCC) has attracted over 100,000contestants from more than 20 countries since 2015. It is widely acclaimed asthe “Olympic Games” in the robotics field by mainstream media. WRCC is hostedby the Chinese Institute of Electronics, which is an official professionalevent with extensive implications domestic and abroad.


Tri-Co Robot Challenge

BCI Controlled Robot Contest

Robot Application Contest

Youth Robot Design Contest

WRCC will form a global cooperation openplatform to contestants, research teams, referees and other participants byholding a series of featured activities throughout the year. Every year, theWRCC is consisted of multiple trials, finals and championships.

Goals of World Robot Contest:

-Integrate innovative resources, industrialresources, market resources, capital resources and talents resources.

-Stimulate robot industrial professionals’research and development potential

-To be an important force to promote thecultivation of global innovative talents, science & technology talents andoperation skill talents.