The Second International USV Open

I. Overview

The First International USVOpen was successfully concluded on August 10, 2017. More than 200 members of 7teams from 5 provinces and cities and a total of 19 smart USVs, including 12large and medium-sized USVs and 7 small-sized ones, participated in the contest.In addition, a total of more than 30 mainstream media and local media interviewedand reported the contest, such as CCTV News Channel, Dragon TV, HunanSatellite TV, Hainan Satellite TV,, PudongNews, Oriental Financial Pudong Channel, China News Service, China Youth News,Xinmin Evening News, Oriental Morning Post, iQIYI,,,,,,,, Shanghai Observer,, CNR, Voice of StraitBroadcasting Station,, and, which exerted great socialresponse and industrial effect.

In order to further expand the influence of the contest and promotethe development of China's USV industry in terms of specialization,standardization, industrialization, and internationalization, on the basis ofthe first contest, the Chinese Institute of Electronics plans to organize the SecondInternational USV Open in August 2018. In addition to further expanding thescale and improving the quality, the contest will also invite internationalteams to participate in the event, striving to build an official internationalexchange platform for USV and promoting the rapid development of China's USVindustry.

II. Arrangements

(I) Models

New models will be integrated into this year's contest.Besides retaining traditional events assessing USV technology and performance,events concerning industrial application will be added. According with theindustry’s actual needs, specific tasks will be assigned to the participatingteams who shall design their own solutions to accomplish these tasks in themost efficient, accurate, and cost-optimal manner. Meanwhile, internationalteams will be introduced to compete in the contest and communicate with China’sexperts, scholars and participating teams engaged in the field of USV.

(II) Events

The current contest will be further optimized, and thecontest events, rules and system will be improved, with more emphasis onassessing USV’s application ability in the actual scene. The contest is dividedinto two categories: basic events and specific events.

Basic events: mainly evaluating USV’s performance andtechnical level, such as autonomous obstacle avoidance, linepatrol and cruising.

Specific events: setting up open events mainly for theupstream and downstream fields related to the USV industry to introduce newelements and enrich the contest content, and through the contest, creating new cooperationopportunities and enhancing service mechanism for enterprises, universities andresearch institutes specializing in USV to form a closed-loop for the industry.

(III) Participants

The contest participants mainly include enterprises,companies, universities, and related research institutes engaged in the R&D,production, manufacture, and application of USV, as well as institutions in theupstream and downstream fields related to the USV industry.

III. Time (draft)

The current contest is scheduled to be held in July 2018.The actual time is based on the final notice of the International USV OpenOrganizing Committee.

IV. Venue

Shanghai, China

V.Other Matters

(I) OfficialPlatform

Official Website:


WeChat Official Account: World RobotConference (Scan the QR code and subscribe to the account)

Updates onBCRC information from the Secretariat can be accessed from the aboveWRC2018 official media channels.

(II) Registration

The organizing committee of the contest will officiallystart the registration in March 2018. Only online registration is available.The participants shall voluntarily organize their own teams and register as awhole team. Registration information must be sent to the organizing committee’sofficial Email:

(III) Contact Information

Contact person: DU Lei, LI Xiao

Tel.: 010-68283457, 15901022561,13621149921