World Robot Contests 2018

I. Overview

As an integral part of WorldRobot Conference (WRC), the World Robot Contests (WRCC) has been successfullyheld three times. WRCC has brought together over 50,000 contestants (includinghundreds of top experts)from 3,000-odd outstanding teams in 16 countries andregions. It has been covered by more than 500 media, including CCTV, XinhuaNews Agency,,, People'sDaily, andGlobal Times. Indeed,WRCC has excited lively response from various sectors and universal interest inrobotics.

Building on past success, WRCC2018 will include multiple trials, a national final and a championship challengethroughout the year. The contests will fall into five categories, namely BCIControlled Robot Contest, Tri-Co Robot Contest, Industrial Robot Skills Contest,World Youth Design Contest and USV Open, covering fields such as humanoid robot,collaborative robot, wheeled robot, and educational robot.

II. Contests

(I) BCI Controlled RobotContest

1) WRCC 2018-BCI-controlledTyping Contest

2) WRCC 2018 - Motor Imagery

3) WRCC 2018 - Callfor Tasks

(II) Tri-Co Robot Contest

1) WRCC 2018-Legged RobotContest

2)WRCC 2018- Dual-armCollaborative Robot Contest

(III) Industrial Robot SkillsContest

1) WRCC 2018-IntelligentEquipment

2) WRCC 2018-Intelligent Logistics

3) WRCC 2018-Innovation and Challenge

(IV) World Youth DesignContest (TBC)

1) WRCC 2018 - STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

2) WRCC 2018–Fire-fightingRobot Contest

3) WRCC 2018 -Humanoid Robot Contest

4) WRCC 2018 - Robot SoccerContest

5) WRCC 2018 - Critical hit

6) WRCC 2018 - Dominator

(V) USV Open

The Second International USVOpen

III. Others


Registration: Official website


(II)Contact Information(Secretariat of WRC Organizing Committee)

1) Head of WRCC 2018

Contact person: DU Lei

Tel.: 010-68283457


2) Head of Contests

Contact person: LI Xiao

Tel.: 010-68283457


Contact person: ZHANG Yuewei

Tel.: 010-68283457


Contact person: DOU Jingyi


(III)RegistrationandTechnical Inquiry

1)BCI-controlled Typing Contest, MotorImagery, Call for Tasks

Contactperson: ZHANG Yuewei

2) Legged Robot Contest, Dual-armCollaborative Robot Contest

Contactperson: DU Lei

3) IntelligentEquipment, Intelligent Logistics, Innovationand Challenge

Contactperson: DOU Jingyi

4) STEAM, Fire-fighting RobotContest, Humanoid Robot Contest, Robot Soccer Contest, Critical hit,andDominator

Contact person: FANG Zhiyin


IV. Notes

Updates on WRCC2018 meeting notices, contest notices, contest instructions, item details andother information can be accessed from:

1) Official website:


2) WeChat Official Account: World Robot Conference(Scan the QR code and subscribe to the account)