Oussama Khatib

Professor, Stanford University, USA; President, International Foundation of Robotic Research (IFRR)

Oussama Khatibreceived his PhD from Sup’Aero, Toulouse, France, in 1980. He is Professor ofComputer Science and Director of the Robotics Laboratory at StanfordUniversity. His research focuses on methodologies and technologies in human-centeredrobotics. He is a Fellow of IEEE, Co-Editor of the Springer Tracts in AdvancedRobotics (STAR) series, and the Springer Handbook of Robotics. Professor Khatibis the President of the International Foundation of Robotics Research (IFRR).He is recipient of the IEEE RAS Pioneer Award, the George Saridis LeadershipAward, the Distinguished Service Award, the Japan Robot Association (JARA)Award, and the IEEE Technical Field Award.