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XIN Guobin: Promoting Healthy Development of Robotic Industry, Enhancing Efficiency and Quality of Equipment Manufacturing

  The opening ceremony of World Robot Conference (WRC) 2017, hosted by Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and the China Association for Science and Technology, was held at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center on Aug. 23rd. XIN Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a keynote speech at the main forum.

  Mr. XIN pointed out that as next-generation IT typified by IOT, cloud computing and AI is blending ever faster with manufacturing, the emerging industry of robotics is exercising a growing influence on our work and life. In an increasingly connected, digitized, intelligent world, robotics is seen as both a breakthrough point to boost real economy and a strategic focus of main countries. Yet ethical and technical dilemmas still lurk behind. While seeking in-depth integration with AI, robotics stands to reshape the laws, regulations, and ethical standards of all countries.

  Mr. XIN stressed that Chinese robotics is facing a historic opportunity; it is among the priority sectors identified by Made in China 2025. The Plan on Robotic Industry Development (2016-2020), among other documents issued by MIIT in recent years, aims to navigate the industry along a fast, healthy, sustainable path before snowballing into an inclusive, intelligent, open ecosystem. The journey will bear witness to breakthroughs in scales of industries, R&D of world-leading technologies and spare parts, constant expansion of diversified applications, and regional clusters with striking features.

  Mr. XIN hailed equipment manufacturing as a pillar industry of national economy, the top priority of turning China into a manufacturing power, and major focus for supply-side structural reform and technical innovation. As the underlying technology of advanced manufacturing, robotics, along with its applications, speaks much of how far a country has gone in innovative technology and advanced manufacturing. A solid foundation, a favorable environment and a distinct orientation are what robotic development requires.