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MIAO Wei:A Constant Dose of Openness into Robotic Cooperation for Mutual Benefits

  The opening ceremony of World Robot Conference (WRC) 2017, hosted by Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Association for Science and Technology, was held in Beijing on Aug. 23rd. MIAO Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, addressed the ceremony. Vice Minister XIN Guobin attended.

  Mr. MIAO pointed out that over the past few years, as next-generation IT typified by IOT, cloud computing and AI is blending ever faster with manufacturing, robotics-enabled technologies, applications and modes are shooting up to power the new round of industrial and scientific revolution. Robotics, which serves as both the underlying technology of advanced manufacturing and the breakthrough point to reshape people’s lives, has broad market prospects and great potential. Much has been made of robotics, as initiatives and support policies are issuing one after another in the developed world. Thanks to the joint efforts of all countries, the industry is on a fast track across the board. It is noteworthy, however, that robotics is still beset by challenges. Intelligent perception, deep learning, autonomous decision-making and other core technologies are awaiting further breakthroughs. The security, ethical and legislative dimensions of robotics remain to be explored. Industrial application needs a larger playground.

  Mr. MIAO stressed that robotics is also high on the agenda of the Chinese government. It is among the priority sectors identified by Made in China 2025, which calls for efforts to research new products and remove the bottleneck of essential spare parts and integrated system design so as to bolster intelligent manufacturing and turn China into a manufacturing power. To fully implement the report, China has issued the Plan on Robotic Industry Development (2016-2020) among other documents. These documents serve to boost innovation, improve the standard certification system, and navigate the industry towards fast, healthy, and sustainable development. The past five years have logged an annual growth of over 20% in domestic robotic industry. A total of 71,600 industrial robots were turned out in 7M17, up 57% YoY. Industrial robots, service robots and specialized robots have found wider application. Innovative start-ups are thriving. Industry clusters with striking features are taking initial shape. Meanwhile, prestigious foreign firms are recouping their investments in our country.

  Mr. MIAO claimed that as China comes to a crucial stage of economic and industrial restructuring, manufacturing is shifting its strategic focus from quantity to quality. The deepening of supply-side structural reform requires balanced, high-quality development in a favorable environment. Streamlined top-level planning helps to pool resources and boost innovation. Improved standards and services lay a solid foundation for industrial growth. More policies with sharper teeth make for a regulated robotic market. China will inject a constant dose of openness into robotic cooperation for mutual benefits based on existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms. Organizations at home and abroad are encouraged to strike all manner of partnerships and forge an inclusive, open community of shared interests. We are all ears to the suggestions and success stories from all sides. Proud to be the world’s largest robotic market, China is keen to share its opportunities with organizations across the globe, and willing to work together to help the world economy foster new drivers of balanced, robust, sustainable growth.

  WRC 2017 sets its theme as “Win-Win Collaborative Innovation Toward the Building of an Intelligent Society”. Its forums, Expo and contests will feature over 300 domestic and foreign experts, 140-odd world-renowned enterprises and institutes, and contestants in more than 900 teams.