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Watch out! An influx of robots is approaching!

  What do robots look like in your impression? Are they really as intelligent as AlphaGo? Can they really defeat mankind in the future? Let’s follow the lens of Xinhuanet, join in the World Robot Conference 2017, and feel closer to the world's top futuristic technology. Surprises ahead! An influx of robots is approaching and they are quietly sneaking into your life.

Warehouse patrol robot: to safeguard our shopping

  Nowadays, everyone is shopping online. When you’ve placed an order and look forward for its delivery, have you ever thought what if the warehouse is on fire? No more need to worry if there is an Warehouse Patrol Robot. Looking like an owl, this robot’s eyes are as sharp as those of an eagle. It is capable of 360-degree spinning and 360-degree HD video surveillance. Be it environmental monitoring, infrared temperature measurement, abnormal fire alarm or unmanned patrol in warehouses, just lean on the robot in the future.

Fish hunting robot: count on me to find fish

  Nothing will be more frustrating for fishing when you sit there for a whole day but get nothing at all. If there is a magic machine that can help you see the underwater environment and expose the fish to your sight, then it will just be minutes before you get the fish. Power Ray Sonar Fish Hunter can detect underwater terrain, water temperature, and depth in 70 meters’ depth. It can get real-time fish distribution map, and the app gives out alarm when any fish is detected. The only thing you need to do is cast the bait. So easy!

Coffee-serving robot: reduce the waiting time and refresh yourself more quickly

  You must have a cup of coffee to refresh yourself from the dizzy afternoon. But there is always a long queue in the coffee shop. Rethink Intelligent Collaborative Robot helps you to refresh quickly. This robot is not only a “versatile” in industries, a “good mentor and friend” in teaching and research area, but also a “star” in modern service industry. After you scan the QR code, pay the price and place the order, the little cute robot will start its process to grind coffee skillfully, and will send the coffee to your hands gently.

Badminton accompanying robot: play for as long as you want

  It’s enjoyable to spend time waving a badminton racket and sweating in the playground, but it is not easy to find a long-term opponent to train with you whenever you want. What to do? Turn to the Badminton Accompanying Robot. As the world's first sports companion series of intelligent robots, it has cloud control management, autonomous positioning system, high-speed moving target capture, active obstacle avoidance, multi-machine collaboration, voice recognition and other international leading technologies. As for the shape, it is equipped with a sports chassis with rackets in both vertical and horizontal directions. More importantly, the two sensor probes can locate the fast-moving badminton with precision, process the information quickly, and swing the racket in response. This series of action are completed in just a second. With this robot, you can enjoy the badminton for as long as you want.

Educational robot: relieve mothers’ worries about their children

  Busy work makes it hard and worrying for mothers to take care of their babies. I Baby Educational Robot can solve this problem in terms of education, entertainment, accompany and guardianship. The cute-looking robot can give performances, play with babies, and interact with them. Built-in cloud data can enable babies to learn some knowledge in a relaxing and enjoyable time. With this robot, mothers will no longer worry about their babies.

Surgical robots: no more bloody scenes

  Speaking of an operating table, people often shiver with the variety of cold scalpels and bloody scenes. If the lesion is in an embarrassing or tiny location, it will be inevitable to touch the sinews or bones. A small operation may bring about a large wound. Recovery is slow and patients are suffering. Surgical robots can relieve both doctors and patients in the above-mentioned fields. Delicate scalpels can locate the wounds with precision, and solve the problem with the smallest wound and in the most scientific way.

In addition, there are other robots…

  Warehouse inspection car: can be operated in the road environment; unmanned autonomous delivery; 360-degree high-definition video capture; security management with real-time voice interaction.

  Orthopedic surgical robot: assist doctor to precisely locate the implant or surgical instruments, used in spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery and other treatment.

  Dual-arm collaborative robot: competent for a variety of subtle collaborative tasks, even including threading a needle.

  Customs robot: can help the customs to catch smugglers, provide real-time voice translation, answer common questions, and have thermal-imaging scan inspection.