CAI Hegao

Expert in robotics and electromechanical integration technology, and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.


He graduatedfrom Harbin Institute of Technology in 1958. He is now professor of the Schoolof Electrical Engineering and Automation at Harbin Institute of Technology. Hissuccess in China's first Arc Welding Robot and Spot Welding Robot solved keytechnologies such as control accuracy of robot tracking and control of pathprediction. The packaging and palletizing production line operated byPalletizer Robot has been used in petrochemical plants in Daqing, Dagang,Shandong and Jilin. He also established China’s first doctoral program inelectromechanical control and automation, making significant contributions tothe development of China's robotics technology. He has won 2 First Prizes ofthe Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of AerospaceIndustry, and several other scientific and technological awards at theministerial level. In 1997 he was elected as academician of the Chinese Academyof Engineering.