• Marco Ceccarelli

    Professor of University of Cassino

  • Paolo Dario

    Professor, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy

  • Alois C. Knoll

    Professor, Technical University of Munich, Germany

  • Vitaly Nedelskiy

    President, Russian Association of Robotics (RAR), Russia

  • Raja Chatila

    Professor, University of Paris VI, France; Former President, IEEE RAS

  • Atsuo Takanishi

    Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan

  • ZHANG Hong

    Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

  • Jean-Paul Laumond

    Professor, Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems, French National Center for Scientific Research (LAAS-CNRS), France

  • Massimiliano Zecca

    Professor, Loughborough University, U.K.

  • Rolf Pfeifer

    Professor, University of Zurich, Switzerland