The registration system is OPEN, and the registration link has been sent to the email address you registered in the Paperplaza system on July 10. Please register for WRC SARA 2018 no later than 31st, July, 2018.



Registration Fee

A.  IEEE Member Author

250USD/1600 RMB

B.  IEEE Nonmember Author

330USD/2100 RMB

C.  IEEE Student Member Author

160USD/1000 RMB

D.  IEEE Student Nonmember Author

190USD/1200 RMB

E.  IEEE Life Member Author


* Notes:

1.For authors registering with USD, please remit fees to our account (Beneficiary Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch;Beneficiary BankAddress: Tower B, Tianyin Mansion, No. 2, Fuxingmennan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China; Account No.: 0200004609089100591; Beneficiary Account: CHINESE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS   BEIJING MUNICIPAL BRANCH, BRANCH, BEIJING, PRC; SWIFT code: ICBKCNBJBJM) and send your Registration Information(Attachment: Registration Information)

WRC SARA 2018-Registration  Information.docx

to no later than 31st July, 2018.

2.Please check the email you registered in the Paperplaza system for the symposium registration mail, and click the right link based on your IEEE membership to register for the conference.

3.One full registration(i.e. student registrations are NOT full registrations) covers a maximum of two accepted papers by the same registered author. A student registration (applies to both IEEE Student Members and Non-Member Student) covers only one accepted paper.

4.Each registration includes 1Hand Book, 1 reception ticket, 3 lunch coupons during the conference, access to the Main Forum, Exhibition, Contest and Closing Ceremony.


Minglei She/ Xuan Du

WRC 2018 Secretariat